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Шкаф-Купе On november, 3rd, 2010, 32 persons.

Bazlov sergey vladimirovich   @sirinpr.ru

Belousov dmitry vitalevich  @sirinpr.ru

Bespalov julia valerevna  @sirinpr.ru

Bolshakov bogdan borisovich   @sirinpr.ru

Of bondarev margarita hallyevna   @sirinpr.ru

Of borisov elena anatolevna   @sirinpr.ru

Vasileva tatyana nikolaevna  @sirinpr.ru

Ganin natalia aleksandrovna @sirinpr.ru

Grishkun nikolay nikolaevich @sirinpr.ru

Denisov elina evgenevna   @sirinpr.ru

Istomin nadezhda konstantinovna  @sirinpr.ru

Kryzhanovsky elena dmitrievna     @sirinpr.ru    

Smiths nikolay nikolaevich   @sirinpr.ru   

Kuprin valery vladimirovich   @sirinpr.ru

Martynov alexey mihajlovich

Novikov dmitry evgenevich   @sirinpr.ru

Oraevsky sergey aleksandrovich   @sirinpr.ru

Paponova natalia evgenevna   @sirinpr.ru

 pushkarev alexander vladimirovna  @sirinpr.ru

Rudavina elena rolenovna   @sirinpr.ru

Semenov valery ivanovich   @sirinpr.ru

Smirnov sergey leonidovich   @sirinpr.ru

Syrovatsky andrey vladimirovich   @sirinpr.ru

Tokarev sergey viktorovich   @sirinpr.ru

Trofimov sergey alekseevich  @sirinpr.ru

Figurin alexey viktorovich  @sirinpr.ru

Firsov vladimir vladimirovich   @sirinpr.ru

Chernova elena vladimirovna   @sirinpr.ru

Chumarin igor gareevich   @sirinpr.ru

Shestakov ekaterina jurevna @sirinpr.ru

Jakovleva olga olegovna    @sirinpr.ru

Summer maxim borisovich   @sirinpr.ru


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29.01.2010 Session organizational changes in club...

01.09.2010 Conference on working out of standards of hr-manager ...

18.08.2010 The invitation to the forum "the personnel 2010" ...

17.08.2010 The announcement of action of open business school. ...

17.04.2010 The next session of club...

24.03.2010 "Useful materials" ...

23.03.2010 V- conference of the st.-petersburg club of advisers and trainers ...

21.02.2010 New section of club site ...

13.12.2010 "the gold" manager 2010 ...

06.12.2010 Is opened "bank of positions and instructions" ...

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