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History of club

Of page of history - not finished story

So all began .

And all began in 1998.

In petersburg at that point in time there were some professional associations where experts in the field of human resource management could find a shelter. but, any of these communities could not offer the main thing in what the requirement was sharply felt, namely dialogue with the professional environment in informal, but heating professional ambitions, conditions. 
A number of the actions devoted to issue of rather successful project business petersburg - the bulletin the dp-adviser used the greatest success in this plan. human resource management. these actions, thanks to activity of the editor-in-chief of the bulletin borisovoj elenas, collected very interesting audience of operating experts in the field of management of human resources. discussed various pressing questions, got acquainted. the idea was even more often sounded we want to unite. and here  has burst august, 1998  
It is not necessary to explain, how has got during crisis when the companies feverishly struggled for the well-being, a survival and etc. when many did not maintain and business when pretty often it was necessary to lose valuable experts, to dismiss a part of workers... the requirement for possibility of discussion of arising problems with colleagues on professional "shop" was very sharply felt. At this time there is one more significant for petersburg event Borisov elena «-. »,   … 1998 .

The first year of work

In october, 1998 the first constituent session where the declaration on creation of the petersburg personnel club has been signed has taken place. a bit later under the offer of council of club general meeting has accepted the name "kochubey" and professional association has been registered under the name the petersburg personnel club "kochubey".
"". Of club became which group of authors has been let out.
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The methodical grant "the role and actions of service of the personnel in the conditions of crisis" members Of club became which group of authors has been let out.


The second year of work has shown that the club is quite steady professional community.  the certain club culture, constant member structure of club was generated, strong enough communications were established. strawberries have considerably grown in the professional plan. club ranks were recruited by new members. the club began to open more widely the doors for visitors. still at exit actions under the slogan together used great popularity is had a rest.
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Fifth anniversary

"" Of club became which group of authors has been let out.

We very much were proud this "round" date. still to any professional association which does not have a commercial basis, it was not possible to live to so respectable age and to keep almost completely initial member structure. prepared for the holiday long and it is noisy. the set of ideas, and not only the entertaining plan (how to celebrate) was put forward. much more offers concerned "anniversary" work of the club, certain operating time in honour of the fifth anniversary. unfortunately, despite our high professional potential and a powerful intellectual resource, we have always been rather limited in the financial plan. membership dues and cost of sessions for visitors allowed to pay back cost of sessions only. as sponsors for realisation of many our anniversary ideas some strawberries have involved those companies in which worked.http://izo-kursk.ru/|http://dniproforeva.ru/|http://aleksandria-foot.ru/|http://f24blog.ru/|http://alianselogistic.ru/

  • "computer centre" "
  • Hotel" astoria "
  • The educational centre of preparation of heads
  • Publishing house" education "

 as information sponsors of our anniversary profile mass-media have acted:

  •  " shots of enterprise "
  • " business without problems. human resource management "

The holiday has gone right wonderfully well. as club symbolics club badges have joined clubnot that that we excessively are fond of symbolics.... more likely, it is signs on the certain passed boundaries.

Two difficult years...

After five years of active club life us somehow has persistently pulled on rest. it is possible to draw an analogy with the owner of small-scale business: while business was arising, the owner worked hazardously and without knowing rest. and when "child" became steady, it wanted to have a rest. we have much worked, have quite deserved the right slightly to lower a working rhythm. but, the club is a live organism. it cannot run into anabiosis. besides, at our club it is a lot of friends and frequent visitors. and it means that we cannot "take creative Holiday".

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