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Materials of sessions

From this year we start to publish materials of sessions of our club.
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Corporate insurance as an element of system of motivation of personnel (17.02.2010):

Elena rudavinoj's

Thematic performance presentation of insurance company "renaissance-insurance" "actual problems "
Company lico presentation "formation of the insurance plan of the company"
Additional materials on theme

Business education (15.03.2010)

Kinds and business education forms: the comparative analysis (presentation)
Open business school (presentation)
Use of programs for corporate training of managers (presentation)
Of the citation, aphorisms on a theme "knowledge. formation"
Additional materials on theme

Working out and realisation of long-term strategy of company (19.04.2010) 

Working out and realisation of strategy the companies (presentation), Seminar "alto".
Articles on a theme, sessions
Used in preparation the basic concepts (an additional material)

Modern lines of development of the market of medical services in the russian federation and st.-petersburg. whether there will be an equality of state and private medicine (29.03.2010)

Private and state medicine: whether there will be equality, Michael zvyagin, presentation
Private and state medicine - a sight of practising doctor, Nikolay ruhljada, presentation, www.intim-surgery

Of the tendency of development of a labour market in st.-petersburg and regions russian federations (26.04.2010)

The labour market review. the cities of petrozavodsk and cherepovets, Anna ponomareva, presentation
The market of salaries. great new city and novgorod region, Anna beloly, presentation
Of feature of a labour market and personnel hiring in republic kazakhstan, Denis golovchenko, presentation

Modern systems of payment (the method of hej-groups an estimation of posts, a policy in the field of indemnifications (24.05.2010)

Modern systems of payment (the method of hej-groups an estimation of posts, a policy in the field of indemnifications, Elena skoryna, presentation
Of indemnification and a privilege as an essential increase to salary, Anna egorov, presentation 

The estimation of personnel (26.06.2010)

The estimation personal top-managers and efficiency of an administrative team of company "", Svetlana tkachenko, presentation
Additional materials to presentation

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