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  • The new telescope will help by search of extraterrestrial life
  • 200-gigabajtnye disks from tdk
  • Windows Or 25 18
  • It is possible to bypass system of protection of recently presented operating system windows vista
  • How to rescue blotted mobile phone
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Compensation searches for witness

Of the network "tsentrlan" harm has been done.

20.01.2010 21:17

26.12.2010 13:14 Irc-
Irc- it is switched off on preventive maintenance and updating.
15.12.2010 13:15 Night internet
11.12.2010 15:34 To familiarize with tariffs
New rules under tariffs and tariffs.
02.12.2010 20:27 Realisation of payment cards
New points of sales of payment cards have opened.
29.11.2010 19:09 The network and internet
In connection with repair-preventive works...
24.11.2010 01:30 Tariff plans in network centrlan
The operating mode of office
18.10.2010 17:31 The office passes tariffs of network
To a winter operating mode. now it works in everyday life with 9 to 19, a break with 13 to 14, on saturday with 11 to 16, sunday - the day off.
16.10.2010 21:41 Server lineage ii
? ...
28.09.2010 11:09 Faults of internet
Are possible on october, 17th faults in work of internet
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2010. open company "maxim". a computer network "centr.lan"
The office address: ukhta, lenin's avenue, 77. phone: 9-18-81
The office passes tariffs of network: 9 19 ( 13 14),
On saturdays with 11 to 16. Location map
Working out: Vitaminych