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By means of the feedback form it is possible:

  • To send the remarks on site
  • To ask questions on club
  • To send the message with a wish to become the visitor of club session
  • To send the offers on club
  • Work to send other messages having character of "feedback" and from your point of view being useful

Pay attention!

All messages with not standard lexicon, and also the rough unethical maintenance will not be considered. in view of that it is a professional association site, it is not recommended to send the message in style of the frolicing teenager, as for example: "anda cool site" or "the sediment!"if something was not pleasant to you, state, please, in the clear ethic form. we respect opinions of visitors of a site and consequently we count on the same valid relation to us.

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 messages of advertising character or concerning a harmful category spam also will not be considered. 

If you want to give us the information on action, training, a seminar and so forth that can be interesting to strawberries and visitors of a site, use the offered form. we will necessarily find a cooperation variant. 

That feedback was high-grade, and we could give the correct answer to your message, please, fill all fields. the information entered by you in fields, will not be disclosed or used by no means for causing to you of any inconveniences. 


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01.09.2010 Conference on working out of standards of hr-manager ...

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24.03.2010 "Useful materials" ...

23.03.2010 V- conference of the st.-petersburg club of advisers and trainers ...

21.02.2010 New section of club site ...

13.12.2010 "the gold" manager 2010 ...

06.12.2010 Is opened "bank of positions and instructions" ...

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