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Rest in club

For some last years lives of club the majority steels not simply colleagues and "brothers on reason", not only professionals in the field of management as a whole and the personnel - in particular. but also true - friends. club meetings for us have ceased to be for a long time already only important and useful business action. first of all is possibility of a friendly meeting in informal warm conditions. we change places of work, a residing city, we rush on business trips, we travel on the countries, we are engaged in business... sometimes we drop out of club life, but always we know that there is a place where to us will be necessarily glad where we with a smile will be met by friends where will always offer a helping hand and will support. certainly, a principal cause - in people. and, of course, such warm atmosphere has appeared not only (and not so much) thanks to our important business sessions. from the first steps of club at us traditions of joint rest began to appear. we together left time and again together to have a rest on the nature, we made the most fascinating voyages for country limits, we celebrated holidays, birthdays, club events. at one time we had the holiday marked on a joint of "man's" and "female" days - between february, 23rd and on march, 8th. something like wires of winter and a meeting of spring. invariable tradition there was a celebrating of coming new year. we it is beautiful and it is noisy have noted first small "anniversary" - the club fifth anniversary. we very much love our joint rest. unfortunately, we manage to have a rest together much less often, than it would be desirable. at all has put, families... at times, happens improbably difficultly to choose time convenient for the majority and an accessible place. but nevertheless... nevertheless we gather and we have a rest. here only some dates our joint

 Once.....  we have gathered and have gone in....
 On june, 5th, 1999   .solar on shish kebabs
 on july, 24th, 1999  ... on shish kebabs
 21 1999  ... the luga area of leningrad region, on shish kebabs
 on july, 15th, 2000  ... leningrad region to catch trout
 on august, 19th, 2000   ... the luga area of leningrad region, on shish kebabs
 on july, 15th, 2010  ... leningrad region, on a summer residence, on shish kebabs
 on august, 19th, 2010  ... the luga area of leningrad region, on shish kebabs
 on december, 8th-10, 2010  ... finland, and then - sweden, in 3 round by the bus and the ferry "silja line"
 on august, 23rd, 2010  ... the luga area of leningrad region, on shish kebabs
 in the summer of 2010  ... finland, in small round for the weekend
 on april, 15th, 2010  ...in boarding house 

...........The list will be necessarily continued - at us our celebratory meetings we too spend the big plans 

Differently. all celebratory celebrations we spend in private residence Of prince kochubey. in the program necessarily amusing competitions, dances, quizes and, certainly, a banquet. bouts-rimes competition on celebrating of the 5 anniversary of club was especially remembered. we devoted the amusing verses each other

Certainly, there can be a question: what for on pages of a site of professional association the information on how professional managers have a good time is given. the answer is simple enough. first, our rest is our tradition, our value, a considerable part of our club culture. and, secondly, as experts  in the field of management of human resources we are firmly convinced that professionals should be able not only effectively work, but also effectively with soul have a rest. and we are able to do it.



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