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The order of reception

One of the most popular questions set by all who is involved with our club: how to enter club? . As the dry official answer the endurance from club "kochubey" charter about conditions and an order of admission to membership of club is more low resulted:

 4.2. conditions and an order of admission to membership of club:
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          in Rules of the introduction into our club one of"kochubey's"key differences from the majority of other trade unions and associations of experts in human resource management is covered. as a rule, the introduction into any other organisation basically depends on desire entering and conformity of" a profile of the candidate to requirements of membership in the organisation. introduction possibility in"kochubey"substantially depends on desirewhether they will want to take in the command of the beginner. and the desire it at can arise only in relation to the person whom they already well know. means before to declare the intention to become the clubman, it is necessary to familiarise well with club and to give the chance to strawberries to get acquainted with you.asian twink в Москве|tk-f8 dual band.|купить кронштейн для телевизора

             Therefore, some councils how to become the friend of club and to receive real chance to join our club community.

            First, Welcome to club sessions as the visitor! to get on them it is very simple. to address to any a strawberry or on any club contact (for example)Enough  and to declare the desire. and you receive the invitation to the first session or to session on a theme interesting you. a choice it is exclusive for you.

            Secondly, During the first visit on session it is recommended to take care of that your co-ordinates have been entered in the list the visitors, wishing to receive invitations henceforth. for this purpose it is enough prior to the beginning of session or during a break to approach to the leader of session. not to notice leader Simply It is impossible 

            Thirdly, During session it is not necessary to sit out silently in a corner. before the beginning of any session short procedure of representation of all present each other is spent. it is your first step to acquaintance to strawberries. besides, our sessions is an active dialogue, discussion and an exchange of opinions. express the opinion, ask questions acting pay attention to the presence. be not afraid that you will throw stones, will humiliate or declare insolvent your opinion. at us friendly conditions and to any opinions are respectful. an antipathy is capable to cause, more likely, absence of opinion or death silence.

            Fourthly. is even more active. in a break and after the session termination fine time for personal contacts to those present who has interested you. at our sessions anybody and never refuses dialogue and acquaintance. if you had an idea about thematic performance  On one of the subsequent sessions address with idea to the leader of session. or to the president (which, as a rule, is present at all sessions), or to any a strawberry. we love initiative visitors and we take great pain to support their initiative.

            Simply : – ? ?   .

We are glad to fill up the amicable club company with the active benevolent experts aspiring not only to own professional development, but also  , Simply .












































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