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The management of club

Of the supreme body of management of club is  General meeting Of clubmen.
General meeting At report-back election session which is spent in october of each year, president


President Is an individual executive office of club.

 Now President Club Valery kuprin, general The director of company "Ant-Management".

Constantly operating joint supervising body of club is The council of clubAccountable To general meeting Of clubmen.
The council of club It is selected on General meeting Of clubmen for a period of one year in number of four persons on representation Selects Of club. President Enters in The council of club and heads it.
Now Club Council  enter:

 Rudavina elena 

 The director for the personnel, Publishing house "education" 

 Syrovatsky andrey 

 Hr-director,  Hotel "astoria-angleter"

 Chernova elena

 The adviser for human resource management, trainer

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24.03.2010 "Useful materials" ...

23.03.2010 V- conference of the st.-petersburg club of advisers and trainers ...

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13.12.2010 "the gold" manager 2010 ...

06.12.2010 Is opened "bank of positions and instructions" ...

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