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  • The new telescope will help by search of extraterrestrial life
  • 200-gigabajtnye disks from tdk
  • Windows Or 25 18
  • It is possible to bypass system of protection of recently presented operating system windows vista
  • How to rescue blotted mobile phone
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The help for users of network

The given section is created specially for users of a network centr.lan. we have tried to explain the most typical questions and problems which you can face. if you here have not found answers to the questions, try to ask the question in specialНа сайте шифрование телефонного разговора.|кромочные материалы

A forum of "teh.podderzhka". on all questions you also can call by in office to phone 9-18-81.

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  • The table of segments
  • Computer
  • Adjustment network protection
  • Network etiquette
  • Of norm of using network
  • The card of coverage of network
  • The location map in office


  • Of a rss-tape on site
  • The publication of news from users
  • Registration and authorisation on site
  • Dc ++ file exchange network
  • Irc a chat in network
  • Service of updating of antivirus

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  • Contract
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  • Price-list

2010. open company "maxim". a computer network "centr.lan"
The office address: ukhta, lenin's avenue, 77. phone: 9-18-81
An office operating mode: on weekdays with 9 to 19 (a dinner with 13 to 14),
On saturdays with 11 to 16. Location map
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